Easter SMS Messages

Is your friend celebrate easter then send this Easter SMS Messages to them.

May God bless you on this day of Easter and May it be a new beginning of greater prosperity, success and happiness. Wish you a Happy Easter My Friend.

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Birthday sms Messages for Boss

Its just another day, but this one is the best of the year! Happy Birthday my Boss.

Heard you are celebrating a belated birthday this year.. Bet all those other fools sent cards on time..

Wishing you all the fun and excitement that only birthdays can bring,  Happy Birthday my Boss..

Let the GOD decorate each GOLDEN RAY OF THE SUN reaching u with wishes of Success, Happiness  and prosperity 4 U, Wish you a super duper happy birthday..

Wish you a many many happy returns of the day. May God blessyou with health, wealth and prosperity in your life Boss..

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Good Morning sms Messages for Lover

People vanish, people die. People laugh and people cry, Some give up, some will try, Some say hi, while some say bye, Others may forget, but never will I.. Good morning.

U may think that I forgot u. U may think that I don’t care, And U may think that I’m not thinking of u. Well, you’re wrong. You’re still in My Dreams.

I woke up a few hours ago,but somehow I feel incomplete till I remembered I haven’t texted you yet. Have a Pleasant Morning!

A smile is a way of writing your thoughts on your face, telling others that they are accepted, liked and appreciated.So here’s a big smile just for you. Good morning!

Every morning has a new beginning, a new blessing, a new hope.It’s a perfect day coz it’s God’s gift. Have a blessed, hopeful perfect day to begin with.Good Morning.

We’re not too close in distance. We’re not too near in miles.But text can still touch our hearts and thoughts can bring us smiles.Good morning!

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Good Morning SMS Messages in English

Never blame a day in ur life.. Good Days Give u happiness.. Bad days give u Experience.. Both are essential in life.. All are Gods blessings.. Have a nice day.

Happy moments Dont forget me; Difficult moments-Trust me; Quiet moments-Call me; Painful moments Tell me; Every moment-Bless me.. Good Morning.

Every bad situation will have something positive.. Even a stopped Clock is correct twice a day.. Think of this & lead ur life… Good Morning.

New Morning+ New Aim+ New Achievement + Ur Dedication + Commitment=Success.. Just do it and win it Good Morning.

Open ur eyes! So the SUN can rise,Flowers can blossom.. Birds can sing,Bcoz all are waiting to see ur *B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L* @S@M@I@L@E@ Good Morning.

Simple music can make u sing,A simple hug can make u feel better,Simple things can make u happy.Hope my simple Hi..! will make u smile.. Good Morning.

May your salty days be peppered with spicy love. May u bask in lemon sunshine, play on strawberry fields, under a vanilla sky.. in short have a Yummy day!

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Love SMS Messages

Life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing and love ends when you stop caring. So dream hope and love…Makes Life Beautiful

Happy Anniversary and May your marriage be Blessed with love, joy And companionship For all the years of your lives!

That special day is here again The day we took our vows You’re just as special to me today As you still get me aroused. Happy Anniversary Lover

Time will always fly, but our love will never die. Keep in touch and remeber me

When time comes for u to give ur heart to someone, make sure u select someone who will never break ur heart, cuz broken hearts has never spare parts.

I m going to write on all the bricks I MISS U and i wish that one falls on ur head,so that u knows how it hurts when u miss someone special like u.

If 10 people care 4 u, one of them is me, if 1 person cares 4 u that would be me again, if no 1 cares 4 u that means i m not in this world.

I m feeling so happy, do u know why? cuz i m so lucky, do u know how? cuz God loves me.Do u know how? cuz he gave me a gift. Do u know what? its YOU my love.

1st time i saw u i was scared 2 touch u.1st time i touched u i was scared 2 kiss u.1st time i kiss u i was scared to luv u.but now dat i luv u im scared 2 lose u!

If i were a tear in ur eye i wood roll down onto ur lips.But if u were a tear in my eye i wood never cry as i wood be afraid 2 lose u!

I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes!

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